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UTP Balun has officially been acquired by AAS Technology
UTP Balun was founded in order to provide customers with an OEM product that was of high quality but at an affordable price. There are not enough OEM manufacturers out there who are able to bring that kind of value to their customers. We feel it is our duty to bring that value directly to you!

We have:
• An R&D department in Taiwan
• Manufacturer in China
• Sales offices and warehouses in the United States and Taiwan

With manufacturing facilities in China and some of the components made in the U.S., you can be assured that each item is made and handled with care. All products are shipped from our warehouse in San Leandro, California. We want to be your first and only choice.

Our Technical Department has an extensive amount of knowledge and training. They know the ins and outs of CCTV and are willing and ready to assist you with your needs.

Our company stands for providing the highest quality products at the lowest competitive prices and providing excellent customer service at the same time. We never want to leave a customer with a sense of wonder, not knowing information about a particular product or leaving a customer dissatisfied with a product that they purchased. That’s why we personally deal with any problems that may arise along with RMAs.

What can we do for you?
A) UTP Balun product with generic product code.
B) UTP Balun product with your product code and UTP Balun logo.
C) OEM with your product code and your logo.
D) OEM with your product code, your logo and your own exclusive affordable molding.

For small quantities, it is recommended that you start with A. As your business grows, you can upgrade to B. If you like UTP Balun products and once your business is steady, you can proceed to C or D.

   R&D Department
Q.C. Test Equipment

Facility in China



China 中国

Taiwan 台灣

USA 美国

Building 212, Tairan S&T Park,
Futian District, Shenzhen
518040, China
Tel: (86) 755-33654966
Cell: (86) 15817297850
R&D Department

台北市貴陽街2段160號之1, 4樓
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: (02) 2370-8829
Fax: (02) 2370-8829
Cell: (886) 939-688-815
Warehouse & Purchase Dept

5500 Stewart Avenue,
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: (1) 510-279-9992
Fax: (1) 510-270-6600
Taiwan 台灣
OEM Department

台北市貴陽街2段160號之1, 4樓
Taipei, Taiwan
USA Tel: (1) 510-931-7799
Taiwan Cell: (886) 939-070-000
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UTP Balun has officially been acquired by AAS Technology.
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